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Item 1358     8/5/2020     8:46:32 PM     Zachary     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   153   102   READ:437     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
1. A priest walks into a bar. Upon sitting down a busty waitress in shorts pours him a drink and asks if he would like some food. He looks up at the menu above the bar it says:

Hot dog – $2
Cheeseburger – $5 ... more
Item 1357     8/5/2020     8:35:06 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   133   95   READ:394     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Ext 849
My Cuckold Surprise
My boyfriend, Alex, and I had always been pretty kinky. We would tell each other all of our fantasies and even role play them out together during sex. He had a huge fantasy about having me cuckold him. The more we role played it, the hotter the fantasy became for me too! I even got him to lick my dildo clean and damn he sucked it good! One night, I was out with the girls having some drinks, when this big black ... more
Item 1351     8/3/2020     3:15:22 PM     Harmony1     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   138   93   READ:380     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Dirty Talk
Since I had my first orgasm with a shower massage at a young age, I’ve become hooked on sex and need plenty of it. Soft, slow, rough or pounding hard. I love it all. And the kinkier the better as far as I’m concerned. I’ve always gotten off on taboo role play with lovers. I love the idea of getting caught in a compromising situation and being blackmailed with sex as payment to keep my dirty little secrets quiet from the rest ... more
Item 1350     8/3/2020     2:42:04 PM     Kierstan       REPLY     RESPONSES:0   127   100   READ:383     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
I was featured at uslove on Aug 3, 2020
Tap here to see the page thank you.
Item 1346     7/22/2020     8:48:01 AM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   143   92   READ:387     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
849 Foot Worshipping
Foot Worshipping:
One of my boyfriend’s I used to have was the one that introduced me to foot fetish. I’ve since learned just how common it is, it’s actually the most common fetish that there is. He loved to give me long, sensual foot rubs. I adore having my feet rubbed and pampered and he did every chance he got. But he didn’t just love playing with my feet, he loved for me to give him foot jobs.  I would stroke his cock up ... more
Item 1343     7/13/2020     8:31:26 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   152   102   READ:392     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Ex 849
Erotic Dirty Talk-Social Distancing with Pleasure:

Erotic dirty talk is a tool of pleasure through the gateway of your fantasies and desires. We are in a new paradigm that is calling for all of us to retreat into our homes. And, with the act of social distancing as a tool to feel safe, it brings with it a feeling of isolation. Of course, you and I both know that being home alone doesn’t have to mean that. In fact, erotic phone ... more
Item 1340     7/10/2020     9:46:05 AM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   152   94   READ:428     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Forced fem phone sex
Forced Fem phone sex
I wanna talk about all you panty thieves you know who you are!!!

Many panty boys have told me about their experiences wearing panties but my favorite stories by far are the stories about their first time playing with a pair moms or sister’s panties. Stealing them from dresser drawer, hamper and laundry baskets. It all started with a sniff, then a lick, then stroking and then wearing a pair of panties ... more
Item 1336     6/26/2020     7:04:53 AM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   142   99   READ:399     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
It`s Time
Item 1335     6/23/2020     9:05:23 PM     Tori       REPLY     RESPONSES:1   152   100   READ:432     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
My trip to Atlanta
All my life I dreamt of becoming a TV star. When CNN sought a news reporter in my area, I thought that this was my opportunity to enter that industry.

But first, let me introduce myself. I am a young lady; some people and my mom say that I am a very beautiful young lady of 23 years.
... more
Item 1334     6/21/2020     6:48:19 PM     Petal       REPLY     RESPONSES:0   152   104   READ:447     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
My first time...in Thailand
It was my 18th birthday that I remember vividly. My stepfather gave me the best graduation gift. He sent me to Thailand for a month with my cousin, who also graduated that same year. I just met Jason at the airport for the first time but we hit it off good. He was a handsome fellow and we both wanted to explore our newly found freedom. After visiting a topless beach he took some daring pictures of me and I took some naked pictures of his ... more
Item 1329     6/9/2020     11:03:33 AM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   149   116   READ:429     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
harmony ex 849
Who doesn’t love cum?? I know I do!
I love to lap it up when it spills – play with it on my tongue… swallow it. But what I REALLY love most is to take your cum inside my soft, wet, slippery little pussy!

It ACHES for you to release that hot, thick seed into it. FLOOD it with your sperm. Fill me full of yourself… claiming that womb as your own. I do have a more submissive side, and giving up your body to your man is ... more
Item 1328     6/8/2020     1:16:34 PM     Operator_83     REPLY     RESPONSES:2   150   112   READ:433     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
I`m the new operator here at US Love!

How are you staying sane with Covid?
Item 1327     6/8/2020     12:47:45 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   142   95   READ:403     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
kinky phone sex ex 849
What`s better than a threesome? Do you know? Well I’ll tell you. A gang bang. Let me tell you how I found that out the other day. I decided to throw myself a party and that I’d be the guest of honor. I invited four guys that I knew to come over.

I`ll give you all the kinky sex details. For limitless phone sex with all the details, call me!
... more
Item 1326     6/3/2020     2:58:04 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   131   100   READ:407     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Ex 849 call me
I had just moved into a new apartment, still unpacking my things and arranging my new room. Trying to get everything organized and neat. I feel so exhausted and decided to take a long hot shower. Still wet and naked I walked across my room towards the window intending to close the curtains and spotted this handsome guy sitting staring across into my room. Oh my god was he ever hott! Just dreamy... So i thought to myself, why not give ... more
Item 1325     6/1/2020     9:32:09 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   137   105   READ:385     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Harmony ext 849
Married Men

We ALL know that I have a married man fetish…AND that I’m a cock control junkie.… AND a public masturbation junkie.… AND that I am TOTALLY a cock tease! Well today? I got to have all the things that make my pussy the wettest, all in one call! And my favorite little married fuck toy FINALLY got to cum for his perfect Goddess!
... more
Item 1324     6/1/2020     8:37:24 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   134   106   READ:406     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Strap On Fun: ext 849 HARMONY
Goddess With her Strap On For
The New Boy Toy:

This new guy I’ve been seeing, is really a cool. He is successful in business and fun to be with, and sexy as hell. The other night he asked if I’d watch this porno with him. I didn’t think much of it, we’ve watch porn before sex all the time. After all, I am a PhoneSex operator and love porn. But, the porn he wanted to see surprised me. Pleasantly surprised ... more
Item 1322     6/1/2020     8:26:58 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   138   99   READ:437     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Ex 849, call me baby.... ill even email u free pics xoxo
We ALL know that I love married men. I keep several on hand at any given time to play with. What can I say, they make excellent toys! They are SO fucking eager, because they aren’t getting what they lust for at home anymore! There’s nothing sexy about “not tonight, I have a headache” or “don’t touch me!”

Ah, but when ladies begin to ignore their man, that’s when “Harmony” moves in for the kill! They are SO starved ... more
Item 1321     5/30/2020     8:04:35 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   139   95   READ:417     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
stroke it for me ex 849
Hey you compulsive cock stroker. I know your type! You’re looking for some dirty, hand humping naughtiness to blow your load to aren’t you? Well you are in for quite a surprise! I’ll give you part of your wish. *giggles* I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about and asking what’s the catch? For now don’t worry about any of that, all I want you to do is unzip your pants and let that bulge free.

You are so ... more
Item 1320     5/29/2020     4:15:31 PM     Carol 550     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   149   107   READ:428     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Masturbation in Room 550

Soft, sleek and fine ... more
Item 1318     5/20/2020     8:22:43 PM     REPLY     RESPONSES:0   155   100   READ:434     EMAIL TO A FRIEND
Ext 849
When I was 13, I used to spend a lot of time at my neighbor’s house. Tara’s parents were divorced. Her mom worked a lot, so a lot of the time we were pretty much left alone to do what we wanted. Her older sister, Tina, was a pothead and hardly ever left basement apartment. She had a cool set up down there. I was so jealous and thought she was so cool.

She had just started going to college and she had a ton of friends.
... more